How does it work?

What is My web app?

My web app sends you short personalized messages according to your interests through e-mail, SMS, and the Web. The notifications from the Web application are practical, reliable, and timely, making the Ville de Sherbooke’s information more accessible.

Does the service only cover the Sherbrooke area?

Yes. My web app was developed to provide information to residents, businesses, or others using the services offered by the Ville de Sherbrooke.

Who sends the messages?

The Communications Department is responsible for managing My web app. Only specific people are authorized to send notifications.

What are the subjects of the messages?

Messages are sent to you based on the preferences you have chosen. It may be a notice of cutting the water supply, scheduling information for municipal installations, parking ban notifications, public works information, etc. My web app was created to inform you on subjects tailored to your interests.

How many messages will I be receiving?

It is impossible to predict the number of messages that may be sent. We exercise a strict control of communications to ensure relevance. Additionally, you will only receive notifications informing you on situations that may impact your schedule and quality of life, or on activities and events most likely to interest you.

It should be noted that if your situation or needs change, you can modify your notification settings at any time.

Why do I have to receive notifications by e-mail? I cannot uncheck this option.

The option to have notifications by SMS (text) only is not currently available. It should also be noted that some notifications can only be sent by e-mail.

If I choose to receive SMS (text) notifications, will I be charged fees by my provider?

The Ville de Sherbrooke exclusively assumes the fees for sending automated SMS notifications through the Web application.

However, additional charges for SMS and Internet data may apply depending on the citizen's agreement with their cell phone company (e.g. package not including SMS reception). The Ville de Sherbrooke holds no responsibility for these fees. If in doubt, residents are invited to verify the details of their provider package.

Is the personal information I provide secure?

Information is stored in a MySQL database. To access this information, people must be authenticated with a username and password. The password is encrypted with password_hash, which uses the most up-to-date encryption technology. Administrators have access to user information in order to be able to modify or delete data on request. At any time, the user may withdraw from the website by using the unsubscribe function, which removes all related customer information from the database.

When are messages sent?

Messages are generally sent between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., except for emergency notifications which require immediate communication, according to situational needs.

Do you send advertisements or solicit through My Sherbrooke My web app?

There is no advertising nor any form of solicitation carried out through the Web application. Only activities organized by the Ville de Sherbrooke or in partnership with them are relayed through the messaging service.

Can I change my account options?

Yes. You can change your account options at any time, whether it be adding or removing notifications, updating personal information, or unsubscribing from the service.

Are you having trouble navigating the site on your phone or tablet?

Check that the system version of your phone or tablet is up-to-date. If navigating is still problematic, contact our team at